Nowadays, more and more PC user move into Mac OSX environment. Infecting a Mac OS will become more and more popular in the coming few years. Apple always claim that Mac OSX is virus-free. Yes, that is true, when they are still in the PowerPC generation. Once they changed to Intel architecture, it is easier for virus writer to write code in other OS, which can also run in Mac OS.

However, long time ago Apple notified that USB autorun is a dangerous thing, even though it is very conveninet for user. This feature is excluded from the system long time ago. As a result, the techniques mentioned in the previous post are not possible to perform in Mac OS. The only way I think that can be used to infect Mac OS is like the boot virus, eg. inject a jump instruction in the boot sector of the USB storage device.

Instead of describing how the infection can be done, I want to introduce an interesting USB virus (Although I think this is a hoax) and some other viruses on Mac. The USB virus is developed by Troika, an art and design studio located in London. They published the demo of this virus on the web with name Newton. This virus will break the Mac OS in piece, and they claimed that the effect only appeared once. Here is the demo of the virus:

The first worm on Mac OS X was discovered in Feb, 2006, announced by SophosLabs. This worm spreads via iChat instant messenger, forwarding itself as a file called latestpics.tgz to contacts on the infected users’ buddy list. When the latestpics.tgz archive file is opened on a computer it disguises its contents with a JPEG graphic icon in an attempt to fool people into thinking it is harmless.

“This is the first real virus for the Mac OS X platform,” continued Graham Cluley – Senior Technology Consultant in SophosLabs. “Apple Mac users need to be just as careful running unknown or unsolicited code on their computers as their friends and colleagues running Windows.”

For more detail about this first virus on Mac OS X, please visit this link:

First ever virus for Mac OS X discovered

Only one worm, disproved the virus-free promise from Apple.

P.S. Apple changed its virus-free statement to “Designed with security in mind, Mac OS X isn’t plagued by constant attacks from viruses and malware. Likewise, it isn’t inundated by never-ending security dialogs.”